Reg'Arts sur Mbao Parcours 2021,Visual Art Space on Mbao



Kine Aw, Dramane Diarra (Mali), Khalifa Dieng, Sambou Diouf, Camara Gueye, Saleh Lo (Mauritanie), Gabriel Malou, and Amy Celestina Ndione are the artists of « Deukeundoo » or neighbourhood. The requirements of good neighbourliness are based on principles that have been taken on board by African philosophy and morality. Indeed, whether one is in a culturally homogeneous or heterogeneous space, neighbourhood induces mixing, a source of enrichment and sharing of all kinds.


Ousseynou Wade

Reg'Arts sur Mbao

Dakar, Senegal
Visual Art Space on Mbao, Parcours 2021
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Galerie Mbao, Parcours 2021, Reg'Arts sur Mbao
Reg'Arts Galerie Mbao, Prcours 2021
ousseynou wade, Parcours Mbao 2021