Des sacs en plastique dans l’Océan pollué par les Hommes qui tire une ficelle pour attraper un poisson coincé dans un sachet en plastique.Plastic bags in the ocean polluted by humans pulling a string to catch a fish stuck in a plastic bag.
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Coast to Coast, GIBCA Extended (Goteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art )


The Coast to Coast exhibition is a collaboration between four artists from the west coast of Senegal and four artists from the west coast of Sweden. They were grouped in pairs, with one artist from each country in each group. In this year's collaborations, the artists focused on local and global issues such as the environment and gentrification. Text Arm wrestling: The human race is never satisfied with what life gives us. They are always looking for more. Being impatient, he goes faster than the earth. To solve one problem, man creates others. All the problems of the world are linked to the human being. This tug of war between the earth and man, the rich and the poor, is leading to our downfall. Nobody will win. What is the problem of the individual? Why does he act this way in front of the nature that gave him everything? Is it a lack of education, conscience or compassion? Nature belongs to everyone, but very few take advantage of it. Aware of what is happening on our planet, with climate change, massive deforestation, excessive exploitation of resources, plastic waste that invades the oceans to create a sixth continent, as an artist I wanted to share my vision on these plagues.


Linda Tedsdotter


Göteborg , Suède
exhibition Göteborg
trash, réchauffement climatique
climate change
GIBCA Extended,Göteborg, trash